Yoga for beginners, Yoga in Onehunga

Bronwyn Hughes
I started On The Mat Yoga in 2009 with the Tuesday night Ashtanga Yoga Beginners class.

All the yoga classes offered are for beginners, I enjoy making yoga work for the individual.

My own yoga journey has been fraught with Sacro-Iliac joint discomfort.
I have learned from this experience how to modify the practice. But only when the body isn’t ready for the full expression of a pose and to tread carefully.

My back issues were part of the reason for doing my Pregnancy Yoga teacher training in 2010. I found this sequence to be therapeutic for the lower back. I really enjoy teaching yoga for pregnancy and feel empowered by the training to keep people safe. It’s a real joy to teach yoga to women at this special time.

These days I still have a dedicated Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice and my SIJ discomfort has settled down. I put this down to being introduced to Matthew Sweeney’s Moon Sequence in 2013 by Martina Gotz.

The Moon Sequence is a complimentary practice to the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series. It takes the pressure off the shoulders and brings the focus to the back and hips. It’s a lovely sequence to do when you are feeling lower in energy.

It is important to me to continue learning and developing as a yoga practitioner and teacher. I completed my first teacher training back in 2006. And over the years I’ve attended many workshops with international teachers.

In October 2014 I attended a one month retreat with Matthew Sweeney. I continue to study under Matthew and Martina’s guidance. In August 2016 I returned to Bali and have completed Matthew Sweeney’s  Level 1 Teacher Training programme. I am now a qualified Moon Sequence instructor.

My first love will always be Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. But the combination of practicing both Ashtanga and the Moon Sequence is something powerful. For myself, I can see the combination will ensure a life-long yoga practice will endure.

Hope to see you on the mat soon.


Bronwyn Hughes, Yoga Teacher