Yoga for Beginners

Easy Ashtanga Yoga

This yoga class is for beginners. With the aim of accepting where you’re at now and working together to find a therapeutic way for you to work in each pose. Modifying positions where appropriate but still keeping the flow of the sequence and focus on the breath.

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3 stretches for SIJ discomfort

My Top Three Stretches for Back Pain

These are my top three ‘go to’ stretches, whenever I am feeling discomfort in the lower back or sacrum.

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The Moon Sequence
19th Sept, 2019

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Feel amazing with this gentle practice. Reduce/alleviate back problems that
are common in pregnancy. Learn
breath awareness tools to ground and center you.

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Which class is right for Me?

If you want to improve your strength and flexibility in a supported way, using a few props, come to the Thursday night Gentle Hatha Class. If you want to improve your strength and flexibility and feel like you’ve had a workout, come to the Easy Ashtanga Class. All classes are for beginners.

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Yoga Class

Gentle Hatha Yoga

This is a lovely gentle yoga class. A great place to start if new to yoga or feeling a bit stiff. Very accessible for most people. Builds strength in the legs and brings confidence to your movement. Approved for the Community Strength and Balance Programme.

Community Strength and Balance Programme


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