The Moon Sequence

Moon Sequence, Gentle Yoga, De-Stress Yoga

Great class for de-stressing and helps to develop your yoga practice.

The Moon Sequence is a gentle flowing yoga practice developed by Matthew Sweeney.
It counters many habitual movements of modern life. And it is a complementary practice to the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series. The poses in the Moon Sequence help to balance the muscles through the hips which can often move you forward in your yoga practice.

The Moon Sequence (Chandra Krama),  takes pressure off the shoulders and upper body. It places an emphasis on the lower body, the hips and a soft stable abdomen. The poses in the sequence are great counters for modern life. Movements that counter the rounding action of hunching over a computer and time spent sitting at a desk.

No push ups in this class! There are other classes for that.

This class has a soothing energy level, great for de-stressing.

There will be some work while learning the sequence, but you will be encouraged to drop
a little effort.

There is no need to push to your absolute limit.

Dropping a little effort allows for some space. Space for a smooth gentle ujjayi breath.
Space for the nervous system to settle, and space for tight muscles to release.

The Moon Sequence is grounding and reflective.

Bronwyn will be teaching a Moon Sequence class in the Thursday night Gentle Hatha Yoga Class, 13th August 2020. 

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