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The Importance of Good Muscle Tone in the Pelvic Floor
It turns out that pelvic exercises are actually important in many stages of a woman’s life. They are super important for during pregnancy and postnatally, but also as we head toward menopause and later life.

In her book, Preparing for Birth with Yoga, Janet Balaskas writes that, “very often, women do not realise that they have a weak pelvic floor. ¬†While weakness in the pelvic floor may not be obvious at first, eventually it can lead to problems such as urinary incontinence, vulval or anal variositites (piles) or prolaspe of the uterus, all due to the sagging effect and weakness of the muscle fibres of the sphincters and their surrounding blood vessels.

Eventually, if ignored, problems such as these, which can be prevented or healed by exercises in the early stages, may end up needing surgery. It is possible, with pelvic floor exercises, to prevent such problems.”

During my research I’ve found this video by Michelle Kendal. It’s a 5 minute pelvic floor work-out which she guides you through. Give it a go, I’m doing it every morning and before I do my yoga practice, which I’m finding very beneficial.

Using the pelvic floor muscles during your yoga creates a lightness in your practice. This is a good video by Kino talking about that.

Remember, when practicing yoga while you are pregnant, keep the tummy soft. The Bliss Baby golden rules for Pregnancy Yoga are not to overstretch, compress, or strain the belly. Use your pelvic floor muscles for extra support.

See you in class.

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onthemat • April 8, 2017

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