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Enhance your yoga.

This collection of Online Yoga Classes and Yoga Therapy Sessions will be accessible for most people. They have a therapeutic focus.

The sessions are short.

Sessions include joint rotation sequence to free-up movement and warm up the whole body. A session to ease Shoulder and upper back tension. Core-work session without sit-ups and more. The content will grow and evolve in time.

Offered as a resource to enhance the weekly classes and as a stand alone online resource.  For people who regularly come to the classes, there is a Class plus videos concession option. For those who cannot attend classes there are stand alone online subscription options.

– Yoga Classes (including Easy Ashtanga, Leg Strength, Moon Sequence)
– Yoga Therapy sessions (Including Core strength, Joint Rotations,
       Upper Back/Shoulder releases, Stretches for SIJ/lower back discomfort)
– Breathing Exercises (Pranayama)
– Example Practice Schedules – weave short sessions into each day

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PLEASE NOTE: This programme is not suitable for during pregnancy. A specialised Pregnancy Yoga programme will be released in the future.

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